Many MindCastr users have this play button activated - because the magic truly happens when you click "Play". If you aren't already aware of what the play button does, it analyzes the content on your Vision Board and starts flashing Subliminal Messages onto your computer screen and simultaneously programs your Subconscious Mind, so you can achieve all the goals you have uploaded onto your vision board - for more info watch the video above. 

To activate the play button, all you need to do is click the "TRY IT FOR $1" button above - it is very important that you make sure that you enter the exact same email you used to log into the MindCastr application. 

That's it!  -  after you've done all of the above, simply restart MindCastr by exiting out of it and launching it again. Check out the facebook screenshot testimonials below to learn more about the benefits of getting this play button activated.

Testimonials Directly From Facebook