L-Theanine plus Caffeine | 90 capsules | 200 mg L-Theanine | 100 mg Caffeine |

Attributes: Energy, Clarity, and Flow.

Conquer exams, deadlines, or any mentally demanding task.

We suggest one capsule with a tall glass of water. Lasts 4-6 hours.



L-Theanine is one of the main psychoactive compounds found in tea. L-theanine is extremely safe and has been shown to mitigate the negative aspects of caffeine, such as anxiety, increased blood pressure and diminished sleep quality, while improving upon the positive aspects. Its ability to enhance attention over and above that of caffeine alone, has been repeatedly verified.


A recent systematic review of the effects of l-theanine plus caffeine has confirmed that the combination seems to improve aspects of attention. L-theanine alone has been shown to boost alpha brain waves, a pattern of brain activity correlated with relaxed attention. In one recent animal study l-theanine consumption was associated with about a 25% increase in BDNF and about a 100% increase in NGF in the hippocampus. L-theanine plus caffeine is one of the most reliable and safe nootropic stacks for improving focus.


Standard Dose: 200mg L-theanine with 100mg caffeine 


What if you could be relaxed yet alert?


When you think of your ideal productive mindstate to work or study, it probably looks nothing like a Red Bull commercial. Stuff like Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy and Starbucks gets you amped, but we all know that too much energy can be stressful and therefore counter-productive.

Being in the zone means feeling cool and in control.


Is it safe?


Yes. Everything in Nootelic (i.e.L-theanine and Caffeine) is either GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and/or acceptable as a dietary supplement compound by the FDA.


How do I use Nootelic?


Take it 30 minutes before you want intense mental focus.

*NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


Also note that The Nootelics Container that you might recieve may vary depending from what country you are from. 

Nootelic which means Perfect Mind in Greek is one of the worlds best Nootropics on the market today thanks to over 50 years of cutting edge neuroscience.