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-Origin: Ecuador
-Contains Caffeine

You will receive one (1) ounce of organic, loose, shade-grown GUAYUSA tea, freshly sealed in a zip-lock bag, and embellished with a bow and a tag.

Guayusa is an ancient green tea-like beverage from South America with a refreshing herbal flavor and a mild amount of caffeine. 

Ilex Guayusa is the dried leaves and stems of a South American rainforest holly and is closely related to Yerba Mate. It grows as a tall tree native to the upper Amazonian regions of Ecuador, northeastern Peru, and southwestern Columbia.

Guayusa should be steeped in hot (not boiling) water and can be enjoyed plain or with the addition of any or all of the following: honey, coconut milk, cinnamon, spearmint, or citrus peel. Delicious, Smooth, and Vibrant!

-Taste: A full-bodied herbal green
-Aroma: Fresh-cut grass
-Brewed Color: green-yellow
-Instructions: one teaspoon per 6-8 ounces of water, brewed for 3-4 minutes
-Servings per package: 18-22 cups (Double if you steep twice!)

This tea can be steeped twice, for double the value!

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