:must be related:

score music has a language - score music tells us how to feel. Ask yourself - "is the score music i'm about to source directly related to what the speaker is talking about - does it set the mood?"


the speakers voice must always be the forefront of attention - an amateur mistake that most editors make is that they make the score music louder than the speaker - the score music must COMPLIMENT the speakers voice so it is very important to watch your final edit in full, making sure that the music doesn't drown out the speakers voice.

:sequencing music:

sequencing score music means the act of merging / combining music together to create a sequence of music. Remember that you're telling a story with the score music that you're using, which means that the music must match up / be aligned with the speakers emotion in his voice. 

This is what trailer video editors do - they use a combination of score music to build anticipation, to inspire or to create excitement - depending on the content in the video.


:references of music:

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:open source:

you can also source free stock footage from the following source: